2020 – Not as one expected..

So the year started with everything that we did not plan for finishing up 2019. …but keep calm, visit mother nature, exercise and remember that it’s temporary.

I like some many others had big plans coming in to 2020 I’ve booked training camps with friends, signed up for races, booked my tickets and updated the work calendar with my holidays. But hey I’m not even going to mention it by name since I think we’re already done hearing about it. It’s the end of March and everything is changing dramatically fast.

Kyrgyztan 2019, during Silk Road Mountain Race

In a Adventure Race you know that everything will change – you are prepared for a lot of quick changes and to just accept the fact as it is. In my everyday life I’m quite the opposite, I love routines.

Routines makes me calm. Even if I’m not on a 8-5 job I’ll still wake up early and start up my day. Go trough my list of stuff and do my work. Like today I’m on a holiday from my regular 8-5 job (yes I do have one!) and my work is instead in front of my private PC making my taxes, updating client’s training schedules and later on go for a run. ..another type of work day for me could be doing double training sessions.

Yesterday I canceled my tickets to our training camp i Spain, the races until May are already cancelled, the horseback riding trip with work that I really was looking forward to already got canceled earlier this week. I’m really hoping that it will calm down when we reach summer, but judging from the news at the moment it looks like we need to adapt to our new lifestyle for a while.

Still we have to remember that this is not forever – yes 2020 might not turn our the way that we where expecting …and the coming years will most certain be a hard year for those companies that managed to survive the ongoing sorry for my word of choose but ‘rape’ that we are putting our economy trough at the moment, both big and small companies are struggling only a few months in. I’m not saying that we are handling the situation wrong – I really hope we are. Personally I really don’t know what is right at the moment more than not adding unnecessary pressure on the system. …& the only thing we could do is to stay positive and remember that there will be a brighter feature again and we will be pros on washing our hands in that one!

How do you keep sane during these ”home office” days?

Yesterday I got the question; how do you keep sane during these days? That is a good questions. My best advice is to stick to your routines and if you don’t have any working from home make sure to create new ones. …but to not feel that you aren’t interacting with ppl make sure to do that extra Skype call just to say ”Hi” to your colleagues and pick up the phone later on to FaceTime with a friend or two if you can’t meet up. I actually have friends that I could be on the phone with for hours and sometimes not say anything at all. Since I spent a lot of time last year abroad and a few months on my own I got to practice the ”being alone”-part a lot. I’m pretty good on being by myself since my teen’s growing up with my dad. We didn’t use that many word to communicate, hehe.

Pic from 2019.. but could have been when I was 15 yrs or this week. #homeoffice #fuerteventura

”Fake Community Rides”

A few tips! Still the most important one is to go outside and get fresh air and make your heart pump! Without the ”feel good hormones” and the sun light it’s easy to see the Apocalypse. So instead of being one of those dark ppl do a fake commute ride, take a walk during the lunch and finish of the day with a run or a ride (with a friend if possible!).

Demonerna tycker inte om frisk luft! Dom vill hellre att man ligger kvar i sängen med kalla fötter.

Ingmar Bergman (translated. Demons don’t like fresh air! They rather like you to stay in your bed with cold feets.)
Austria 2013 #outsideisfree

To dose stuck indoor in Spain, Italy or other countries with a curfew I’m really feeling for you. Make sure to call your friends and do indoor training. Don’t forget to step out in to your garden and breathe. There are a lot of apps that could help you with your indoor training – here is a quick one that sure gave me a loot of pain the following days… I managed to do 12,5 lap – how many will you do?

Repeat as many time possible in 20 minutes
(10 Push-ups +
20 Sit-ups +
30 Air-Squats)

…finally and try to zoom out – do some math and keep calm!

Rock n’ Roll,
Sue Paz


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